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8 Points to Include in a Writer’s Agreement

Every writer wants to know the magic formula for making money writing. There isn’t a magic formula, but there are definitely some keys to your success. You’ll want to keep these keys in mind whether you take on the occasional freelance writing project or you make your living frequently penning words for others. The key […]

What a Writer Can Learn From Washing Dishes

I must admit, I don’t often wash dishes in our household. That’s usually my husband’s baby: I cook, he cleans. But alas, sometimes, I must. As I rinsed the dishes to put them into the dishwasher recently, I recalled a dish washing experience from childhood: I was learning how to do dishes and must have […]

How to Sell Your Writing Services — Even If You Do Not Feel Like a Salesperson

If you’re going to have a writing business, you’re going to have to make sales. Selling feels icky to a lot of writers. Maybe we don’t like the idea of “making” someone buy our services. Maybe we get embarrassed by self promotion. Maybe we don’t like talking to people. Whatever the case, we balk at […]

Writing Takes More Than Just Talent

Stephen King is quoted as saying, “Talent is cheaper than salt.” I absolutely love this quote. And here is why: It automatically lets you know that success isn’t all about the talent. That’s good news for anyone willing to work hard. While talent can be a part of the equation — a good dose of talent […]

3 Quick and Easy Tips to Boost Your Writing Income

A huge part of writing, whether it’s drama or comedy or anything else, is getting paid for it. As we all know, writing and not getting paid certainly creates drama! And not the kind you want. I’ve been paid for writing all of my professional life, but that doesn’t mean it’s been easy. I’ve billed […]