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How to Get Paid to Write What You Love

You can make money writing what you love. But that doesn’t mean you’ll love everything you write. The first step in making money writing what you love is to get over yourself. I don’t mean to be rude. What I’m saying is that you can’t think your writing career is about you. It’s not. It’s […]

Top 10 Self-Publishing Mistakes Newbies Make

Technology has really changed publishing over the past 15 years, enabling anyone to self-publish a book. And ebook self-publishing has taken off since Amazon unveiled the first Kindle in 2007. In fact, ebook sales outpace printed book sales. Self-publishing has produced some really wonderful success stories.  Many ebook self-publishers have found that the stories traditional […]

14 Ways to Write When You Have a Day Job, Kids, and a Dog

Lots of people fantasize about writing. But the daily to-do lists and responsibilities get in the way. And well, it’s kind of hard to call yourself a writer if you’re not writing. So how do you write when you have a day job, kids, and/or a dog? I run a full-time writing business now, but […]

Beat Writer’s Block With One Key Productivity Strategy

Writer’s block can kill the rhythm of a good project. It’s the headache of many writers’ existence, but it doesn’t have to bite you. I never have writer’s block. And it’s not because I’m so great. It’s because of one simple strategy to combat writer’s block: Keep it moving. One key to prevent writer’s block […]

2 Lessons From Tim Tebow to Help You in Your Writing Business

The Denver Broncos shocked the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday night (January 8, 2012) in an overtime victory that sent the Steelers home to let their star quarterback Ben Roethlisberger nurse his busted up ankle, while the much maligned young quarterback Tim Tebow finally shut up some of his doubters. There are two very important points we […]

4 Keys to Better Blogging for Your Business

A good blog can be the key to a good relationship between you and your customers or clients. And just like when developing a relationship with that special someone, developing a relationship with your readers means keeping the lines of communication open. If you are unsure of why the blog is there or you give […]

5 Signs Your Client Is Trying to Gyp You

Getting a potential new client is always exciting! Whether you’ve just started your writing business or you’ve been at it for a while, the prospect of bringing in a new client can bring a smile. But wait just one moment, before you start counting the money in your head, here are five warning signs your […]