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How to Face Fear of Failure and Go After Your Dream Anyway

Today’s post was inspired by a member of our mailing list. She is taking our free e-course, 21 Days to Making More From Your Writing, and said fear was one of the things keeping her from taking her writing career to the next level. I’m really honored she shared such an honest response with us. […]

Five Ways to Beat Down Fear and Pursue Your Writing Dream or Other Passion

Fear keeps us from doing a lot of things we might actually be really good at doing. That happens to writers a lot, but it also happens to people who dream of pursuing other paths. Sometimes facing emotions such as fear is just as important as learning the technical details of a profession or field. […]

3 Money Lessons Your Writing Business Needs to Learn

When I started my writing business, I wasn’t sure what to do first. I knew I could write — after all, I had a degree in journalism and was working at a newspaper — but I knew it would take a lot more than writing ability to be successful. I figured a lot of it […]

3 Smart Ways to Manage Client Feedback and Complete Writing Projects on Schedule

If you’re going to make a living writing, then there is one thing you must know how to manage effectively: client feedback. When someone hires you to do a freelance writing project, you’ll provide time for feedback in your work process. You might do a part of the work and then send it for review […]

Top 5 Reasons to Use Speaking to Grow Your Writing Business

Speaking is a major fear that lots of people have. But if you can manage that fear and get in front of that crowd anyway, you can find a truly gratifying way to build your writing business. If you are looking for an effective tool to add to your marketing mix, then speaking might be […]

Why You Don’t Have to Be a Great Writer to Have a Great Writing Career

I once told a writers group that writing ability was something you had to be born with. That you either had it or you didn’t. That if you weren’t among the lucky few born with it, you might as well figure out something else to spend your time doing. I was dead wrong. That was […]

You Can Make Money Writing Books — If You Explore All the Options

When they think of writers, many people think of book authors. But writing books as a way to make a living is a lousy proposition for most people. It simply doesn’t happen. In fact, most traditionally published authors — those who land a book deal — don’t earn back their advances. Specifically, about seven out […]

How to Find the Good Writing Gigs and Clients

Let’s face it, there is a lot of junk out there when it comes to writing assignments. You can troll Craigslist and online writing boards and get disgusted, discouraged, and dismayed (or all three) at the number of writing projects people want done, but don’t want to pay much for. It’s not uncommon to see […]

How to Structure a Quote or Proposal for Services

The way you present your business to others will determine whether they hire you. Do a sloppy job and they’ll certainly not trust that you can deliver. Make the proposal too complicated and your prospect’s brain will freeze and he’ll opt to move on to the next service provider. A properly structured quote or proposal […]

What You Need to Succeed as a Writer

You can succeed as a writer. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it won’t be easy. Now that we’ve got that out the way, here is the really good news: You can have an amazing writing career. I’ve been a writer all of my adult career. I worked in newspapers for seven […]