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5 Reasons You Are Leaving Money on the Table

If I told you that you are leaving money on the table — that you aren’t earning all the money your clients are ready and willing to send your way — how would you feel? If you’re like most freelancers and business owners, you’d feel a bit alarmed. After all, nobody wants to turn down […]

How to Increase Your Income Without Landing a New Client

It can always be a mad scramble to identify, court, and land new clients. But what if you could land new business — and new income — without landing a new client? Wouldn’t that be sweet? There actually is a way to do this. To do it, though, you must pay attention to your client’s […]

How to Find New Projects When You Are a Freelancer

Freelancers face unique challenges. One of those is the ever-present feast or famine complex. Many freelancers have times of feast where they are working on a project and the money is flowing in. But inevitably, the project ends and they are left scrambling. Then the famine comes. Never a good feeling. So how can you […]