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Award-Winning Author Stacy-Deanne Gives Advice for Landing Book Deals, Building Fan Base

Stacy-Deanne writes crime fiction, mysteries, and suspense. Her work includes Everlasting, Melody, and Giving Up the Ghost. She is profiled in the NAACP-nominated 2006 book, Literary Divas: The Top 100+ African-American Women in Writing. Giving Up the Ghost is a 2011 African-American Literary Award nominated novel and a 2012 Top 20 Black Expressions Bestseller.  The […]

The One Thing You Can Do to Become a Successful Author — Now

News of the potential merger of Random House and Penguin — likely reducing the number of publishers vying for authors’ works — is enough to send authors into hand-wringing depression as they bemoan the tightening industry that has already seen smaller book deals. But this merger doesn’t have to mean bad news for authors. If […]

How Being Too Pushy Can Annoy and Antagonize Your Best Clients

My husband and I checked out of the hotel and headed back home after a brief anniversary getaway. Not quite ready to bid adieu to the anniversary weekend, we stopped and had a late lunch at a local restaurant. As we enjoyed our meal, the conversation of the couple next to us spilled over to […]

Lesson for Writers: Forget Writing, Focus on Perception of Value

Newsweek is shutting down its print edition at the end of this year and moving to a completely digital format in the early part of 2013, editor Tina Brown announced today. Newsweek had earlier — in 2010 — merged with The Daily Beast, losing even its domain name in the process. Newsweek’s new digital format […]

7 Secrets to Breaking Into Ghostwriting

I got a question in my inbox this week from a guy who described himself as a laid-off journalist. He wanted to know how to get into political ghostwriting. Great question, and it’s one I’ve heard before, so I knew it was time I addressed it in this space. Ghostwriting is a great way to […]

Six-Figure Writer Carol Tice Uses Social Media, Skype to Connect With Clients

Carol Tice is a freelance writer and blogger whose work has appeared in Entrepreneur magazine, the Seattle Times,, and more. She is featured on the cover of the 2013 Writer’s Market. Tice shares her writing experiences on her blog, via social media, and in her writing community. WL:  What was the hardest part of […]

7 Questions to Consider When Naming Your Writing or Publishing Company

Launching a business is scary enough without wondering if you’ll goof on the name. Name your business the wrong thing, and you could find yourself struggling way too hard to connect with your potential customers, gain credibility, and find an audience. And then, out of business. A long, clunky name can be hard to remember. […]

How Bad Writing Helps You Get Better

The woman was there to bury her sister and her niece, who had been murdered by the husband. Lives cut short, so short. And then she had to deal with me, a young reporter who had telephoned to do an interview about this news event for a story to run in the paper the next […]