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Want to Land More Clients, Have More Influence? Connect and Conquer

I’m excited about the release of my next ebook, Connect and Conquer: How to Nurture Your Business Through Online and Offline Networking. It’s an ebook to help you tap into your relationships to grow your business. And get this — it’s not just for social butterfly extroverts. It’s quite handy for low-key introverts who don’t […]

Want Paid Speaking Gigs? Write a Book

Books aren’t just for reading. They are for speaking. Paid speaking. You see, a book establishes your authority and credibility like nothing else. Writing a blog is great, but it doesn’t have the same punch as a book. Tweeting is good, but it can’t compare to a book. Posting articles is all right, but nothing […]

Why Your Business Needs a Book

Whether you’re a writer who runs a business or someone who runs a business but doesn’t write, your business needs a book. If you think a book is just a way to entertain or educate, think again. A book is a way to enter your name into the consciousness of your target audience. A book, […]

Book Marketing Strategies That Work

If you publish a book, there is a pretty good chance that you want to sell it. Better yet, you want to sell lots of copies of it. Yet, most books don’t sell. That includes traditionally published books, where seven out of ten don’t earn back their advances — meaning the books don’t sell enough […]