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‘When I Learned to Treat My Writing Career as a Business, That’s When I Became More Productive’

Shelia Goss is an award-winning, bestselling author of more than a dozen books. She writes Christian fiction, suspense, women’s fiction, and young adult fiction. She discusses marketing and her approach to productivity. WL: You’ve had success in many ways as a writer — as a self-published author who landed book deals, as an author who […]

7 Remedies for ‘Oh, No! I’m on Deadline and Need a Source’

Every freelance writer has felt the thump thump of the heart as the deadline approached. Writing feverishly to get that piece finished and turned in on time is fine, but what if you can’t even get to the writing because you don’t have the source you need? That’s cause for palpitations. I responded to a […]

Show Yourself Some Love and Renew Your Desire for Your Career

The funny thing about connecting online is that we think everyone else has it figured out. And so that idea dampens our own enthusiasm for what we are doing. Kind of bums us out. Makes us scared to move forward. Messes with our heads. But guess what: It’s an illusion. Nobody’s life is as perfect […]

How to Price Your Freelance Writing Work

Many freelance writers have questions about pricing their services. They wonder if they are too high or too low or even what the norm is for a particular type of writing. Pricing isn’t an easy question, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. You must consider a few elements to come up with the right […]

Best Super Bowl Ads Tell Powerful Stories

We watched the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens go at it in Super Bowl XLVII. As the Ravens galloped ahead with a huge lead before halftime, we thought the game was a wrap. But after halftime and a power outage in the stadium that postponed play for 35 minutes, it seemed as if […]