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50+ Tips to Network and Build Relationships in Your Business Or Career

If you’ve been struggling for new ways to get business or are simply interested in adding a new technique to your mix, then check out my new book, Connect and Conquer: Grow Your Business, Organization, and Career Through Online and Offline Relationships. Relationships have been a key to my own business success, and I believe […]

How to Bring New Money Into Your Freelance Writing Business

The proverbial feast or famine can strike anytime in a writing business when you’re not paying attention. Or for some writers, it may feel like famine and still more famine. Whatever the case, if you’ve hit a patch where money is running low and no new infusion of cash is on the horizon, you can […]

5 Reasons Why Every Freelance Writer Needs a Book

If you’re hanging around this site, there is a pretty good chance you make a living writing or aspire to do so. You’ve probably written all kinds of projects for clients — projects to help them market their services, earn more income, and build their brands. But have you thought of doing the same for […]

A Publisher Is Offering You a Book Deal — Now What?

A client in our book ghostwriting business recently called to tell me a publisher was interested in offering him a book deal. Of course I’m always happy when clients see success with projects we’ve helped them create, and this time was no different. We talked about the merits of accepting a book deal, which got […]

7 Secrets to Building a Successful Writing Business

Just yesterday, RootSky Books, our book publishing company, turned 12. It’s been through many changes since those early days where my only aim was to self-publish my own books and get my words out to the world. And through those changes, I’ve learned a lot. A lot that can help you as you grow your […]

Selling Your Book On Amazon: Advantage, Marketplace, CreateSpace, KDP

Amazon provides a great opportunity for self-published authors to sell their books on equal footing with traditionally published authors, but choosing how to do that can be a bit confusing. A client had questions about the best Amazon option as she looked to plan her distribution and marketing for a book we had ghostwritten and […]

10 Keys to Finding Your Dream Clients

When you’re running a freelance writing business, or actually any type of service business, you will get to a point where you want to be a bit more discerning in the type of clients you take on. Sure, when you’re just starting out, you might scramble to get any client who comes your way. But […]

5 Secrets to Building Your Personal Brand Online — When You Have a Service Business

Figuring out how to stand out when you’re a solopreneur or small business owner can be confusing, intimidating, and daunting. But setting yourself apart doesn’t have to be overwhelming. When you learn how to distinguish yourself from all the others offering similar services, you can build a stronger business and get better clients. Building a […]

5 Reasons Your Personal Story Matters to Your Clients and Customers

When you’re growing a small business, you’re looking for any way you can stand out and draw more people to you. But many people forget one very compelling way to attract clients. Their personal stories. Your personal story can help you attract your target clients, give you something in common with those you want to […]

8 Types of Content You Can Create to Help Your Business Grow

So you know you need to create content to grow your writing business. But what kind? Determining the right kind of content to create can help you reach your business growth goals. Good content can bring new customers and clients your way, as well as open the door to new opportunities as you become known […]