21 Days to Making More From Your Writing


This year has been an amazing year for Writer’s Living. In fact, this month marks the first anniversary of this blog!

Writer’s Living started in December 2011 with another name, as my original intent was to combine two things I love: the business of writing with thoughtful commentary on life and pop culture. After a few months of doing that, we realized those were two distinctly different things and each needed its own space. So we took that one blog and divided it into two separate ones. Writer’s Living, as you know it today, came to be, with the purpose of sharing inspiration, information, and advice to help you manage the business side of your writing career. The other — commentary on life and popular culture and interesting articles to help you live a bigger, better life — would go to Big Life Magazine. You can join the mailing list for Big Life Magazine so you can be among the first to know when it goes live in 2013. But today isn’t about Big Life Magazine. It’s about Writer’s Living.

Thanks for being a part of the success of this blog. When we started it a year ago, we had an idea that it would allow us to be able to share helpful information with writers, allowing them to transition from starving artists to successful creative entrepreneurs. But what we found is that Writer’s Living also  helped us land clients for RootSky Books, our ghostwriting, editing, and design business! Woo-hoo! Writer’s Living became an authority that showcased our work and allowed potential clients to get more familiar with us. We also found it became a resource for current clients: Once we finished editing and designing their books, they could join the Writer’s Living mailing list and get helpful information to enable them to successfully market their books.

Along the way, we were featured on several top sites, including Writer’s Digest and Alltop. We snagged interviews with amazing writers and authors, sharing their success at various aspects of the writing life. You can read our library of Writer’s Drive interviews here, and get great insight and inspiration to rev up your writing career.

Of course, a successful blog isn’t complete without strong content. And that was our highest priority. We wanted to write and share great information to help you on your journey. So Writer’s Living became a combination of how-to, inspiration, and business sense.

Since it’s the beginning of a brand-new year, we would like to offer our most popular e-course (absolutely free): 21 Days to Making More From Your Writing. This e-course shares specific information to help you handle the business end of your writing career — how to find clients, how to land clients, how to figure out the type of writing you want to do, how to know if you’re cut out for the writing life, how to be a successful writer, how to handle proposals and contracts, etc.

We offered this e-course several months ago and received excellent feedback. Now we are offering it again. If you missed it, join our mailing list here and get started immediately. You’ll receive helpful tools, tips, and strategies over the next 21 days, aimed at helping you take your writing business to the next level. Get some of the best stuff from the blog and insight from me, written specifically for this e-course. And you can always email me directly if you have questions about any of the lessons.

All for free.

So as a thank you for being a part of a fantastic first year for Writer’s Living, we offer this e-course to you for a limited time. And if you’re already part of the mailing list and want to receive the e-course, just email me and let me know you want the free e-course.

Happy New Year to you. May this be the start of 21 Days to Making More From Your Writing.



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Monica Carter Tagore

Monica Carter Tagore is an author and business strategist. She helps authors, freelancers, solopreneurs, and other small business owners brand and market what they do. A former journalist, she launched her writing business in 2002. Her writing business has grown into a training and education company for business growth and personal development.