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The Single Best Way to Market Your Books, Writing Business, and Anything Else

Freelance writers and others who run writing businesses often ask me about the best way they can get business. They want to know how they can market themselves and their work and land new deals, clients, gigs, etc. I can’t give them one answer. Because there isn’t one. But I can give them the best […]

How to Use Your Blog to Get Clients

A blog can be the foundation of your marketing strategy for your business. A blog can showcase your work, highlight your expertise, and connect you to your audience. If you are an author, freelance writer, or other content creator, then a blog is essential. For the longest, I resisted the idea of adding a blog […]

Six-Figure Writer Carol Tice Uses Social Media, Skype to Connect With Clients

Carol Tice is a freelance writer and blogger whose work has appeared in Entrepreneur magazine, the Seattle Times,, and more. She is featured on the cover of the 2013 Writer’s Market. Tice shares her writing experiences on her blog, via social media, and in her writing community. WL:¬† What was the hardest part of […]

10 Essential Tips for Becoming An Effective Blogger

If you are a writer who doesn’t blog, then you need to start. Yeah, yeah, I know it feels like one more thing on your list. I get that. I resisted blogging for years. Who even reads blogs, I wondered? Turns out, lots of people. This Writer’s Living blog is not even a year old, […]

Top Blogger Ollin Morales Says Writers Need to Blog

Ollin Morales is a fiction writer and professional blogger for hire. His blog, Courage to Create, has been featured on popular sites including The Huffington Post¬† and, and was named one of the Top Ten Blogs for Writers two years in a row, by WritetoDone. WL: Your blog feels especially timely due to today’s […]