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5 Reasons Why Every Freelance Writer Needs a Book

If you’re hanging around this site, there is a pretty good chance you make a living writing or aspire to do so. You’ve probably written all kinds of projects for clients — projects to help them market their services, earn more income, and build their brands. But have you thought of doing the same for […]

A Publisher Is Offering You a Book Deal — Now What?

A client in our book ghostwriting business recently called to tell me a publisher was interested in offering him a book deal. Of course I’m always happy when clients see success with projects we’ve helped them create, and this time was no different. We talked about the merits of accepting a book deal, which got […]

Selling Your Book On Amazon: Advantage, Marketplace, CreateSpace, KDP

Amazon provides a great opportunity for self-published authors to sell their books on equal footing with traditionally published authors, but choosing how to do that can be a bit confusing. A client had questions about the best Amazon option as she looked to plan her distribution and marketing for a book we had ghostwritten and […]

5 Questions to Ask If You Want to Turn Your Life Story Into a Book and Business

Every one of us has a story to tell. But not to sell. Selling your story requires a few additional considerations, aside from simply wanting to tell it. Selling your story means finding that message, meaning, or lesson that can be drawn from it to inform, inspire, and educate others, often causing them to respond […]

How to Publish a Book to Grow Your Business

If you are in a service business, you need a book. That’s because a book can: Outline your expertise Allow you to discuss your target clients’ pain points a way that helps them see you can solve the problem Become a key marketing tool to sell higher-priced products and services Many solopreneurs, sales professionals, small […]

‘When I Learned to Treat My Writing Career as a Business, That’s When I Became More Productive’

Shelia Goss is an award-winning, bestselling author of more than a dozen books. She writes Christian fiction, suspense, women’s fiction, and young adult fiction. She discusses marketing and her approach to productivity. WL: You’ve had success in many ways as a writer — as a self-published author who landed book deals, as an author who […]

Everyone Has a Story to Tell … But Do You Have a Story to Sell?

Sure, we all have stories. Stories of highs and lows, drama and the mundane. And we’d all like to think each of us has a story to sell. But it’s not true. I know. I am an editor and a ghostwriter. I’ve worked on clients’ stories that needed just a bit of fine-tuning to make […]

Award-Winning Author Stacy-Deanne Gives Advice for Landing Book Deals, Building Fan Base

Stacy-Deanne writes crime fiction, mysteries, and suspense. Her work includes Everlasting, Melody, and Giving Up the Ghost. She is profiled in the NAACP-nominated 2006 book, Literary Divas: The Top 100+ African-American Women in Writing. Giving Up the Ghost is a 2011 African-American Literary Award nominated novel and a 2012 Top 20 Black Expressions Bestseller.  The […]

7 Secrets to Breaking Into Ghostwriting

I got a question in my inbox this week from a guy who described himself as a laid-off journalist. He wanted to know how to get into political ghostwriting. Great question, and it’s one I’ve heard before, so I knew it was time I addressed it in this space. Ghostwriting is a great way to […]

You Can Make Money From Your Book — Without Selling a Single Copy

You don’t have to sell a million copies of your book — or even a single one — to make money from it. You see, a book is much more than a single product to be read. A book has become the new business card. It is a tool you can use to generate leads, […]