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10 Bad Freelance Business Practices to Leave Behind

I recently spoke with a woman who had received a request from someone wanting to do business with her. She wasn’t sure of how much to charge. Her initial thought when we talked was to charge a really low rate — about half of what others in her industry charge for the same type of […]

7 Reasons You’re Not Succeeding as a Writer

Maybe you’ve quit your job to write. Or maybe you’ve been trying to write on the side, in the off hours from your day job. Maybe you’ve been going to networking events kinda hoping for that big break. Whatever the case, your writing life isn’t exactly going great. In fact, it’s not going at all. […]

Connect Beat 101: Seven Ways to Make Your Next Networking Event Work for You

So you’ve pulled out your best — or, er, only — suit and spruced up for a networking event. You’ve avoided face-to-face networking for a while, as you can’t stand small talk and the idea of being in a room full of a bunch of strangers makes your eyes cross. Yet, here you are, at […]

How to Raise Your Rate as a Freelance Magazine or Newspaper Writer

Sometimes, hard work is no indication of how much money you’ll earn or how successful you will be. I’ve seen, unfortunately, writer friends who work very hard to churn out articles for content mills and low-paying publications. Yet other writer friends may not work quite as hard but earn way more. This can certainly be […]

Turn Any Book Into Multiple Income-Producing Products

Many authors write a book and expect an audience to find it. As a result, their sales are disappointing — most likely, dismal. You can’t think book writing is a Field of Dreams and all you have to do is build it and they will come. They won’t know it’s there. They won’t know what […]

How to Price Your Freelance Writing Work

Many freelance writers have questions about pricing their services. They wonder if they are too high or too low or even what the norm is for a particular type of writing. Pricing isn’t an easy question, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. You must consider a few elements to come up with the right […]

Book Marketing Strategies That Work

If you publish a book, there is a pretty good chance that you want to sell it. Better yet, you want to sell lots of copies of it. Yet, most books don’t sell. That includes traditionally published books, where seven out of ten don’t earn back their advances — meaning the books don’t sell enough […]

5 Query Mistakes That Get You Ignored

I worked on a book proposal for an editing client recently and he contacted me to say he had sent it out and was getting positive responses from agents. Yay! That’s what any writer wants. A query that nails it so agents get back to you with a resounding, “Yes!” I was thrilled for him, […]

6 Ways to Manage Your Social Media Presence As A Writer

We recently discussed ways to market your work using social networks. Today, we’ll talk about how to actually manage your social media presence. You can spend so much time marketing your work, that you have no time left for anything else. So managing your social media presence is critical. Six ways to manage your social […]