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5 Reasons Why Every Freelance Writer Needs a Book

If you’re hanging around this site, there is a pretty good chance you make a living writing or aspire to do so. You’ve probably written all kinds of projects for clients — projects to help them market their services, earn more income, and build their brands. But have you thought of doing the same for […]

7 Reasons You’re Not Succeeding as a Writer

Maybe you’ve quit your job to write. Or maybe you’ve been trying to write on the side, in the off hours from your day job. Maybe you’ve been going to networking events kinda hoping for that big break. Whatever the case, your writing life isn’t exactly going great. In fact, it’s not going at all. […]

How to Grow Your Writing Business While Working for Someone Else

In most instances, you don’t want to just up and quit your day job and hope for the best with your freelance writing business. Instead, when possible, it’s a better idea to launch the freelance business on the side — while you still have money coming in from the day job. Then you can ditch […]

5 Ways to Get Better Freelance Writing Clients

You don’t have to be the best writer to make a living writing, but you do have to get paid for what you do write. Even a great writer can starve, if she doesn’t know how to land paying work. Earning more money can be as simple as changing how you go about getting work. […]

How to Raise Your Rate as a Freelance Magazine or Newspaper Writer

Sometimes, hard work is no indication of how much money you’ll earn or how successful you will be. I’ve seen, unfortunately, writer friends who work very hard to churn out articles for content mills and low-paying publications. Yet other writer friends may not work quite as hard but earn way more. This can certainly be […]

How to Produce Freelance Story Ideas That Make Editors Love You

If you are a freelance newspaper or magazine writer, you are constantly in need of story ideas. As editorial budgets get squeezed and editors are making do with fewer staffers, the opportunities for freelancers are growing. After all, it’s a lot cheaper to buy a good story from a freelancer than it is to pay […]

7 Remedies for ‘Oh, No! I’m on Deadline and Need a Source’

Every freelance writer has felt the thump thump of the heart as the deadline approached. Writing feverishly to get that piece finished and turned in on time is fine, but what if you can’t even get to the writing because you don’t have the source you need? That’s cause for palpitations. I responded to a […]

7 Secrets to Getting More Writing Assignments and Clients

Finding writing assignments can be tough. Many writers go through periods where they have one or several projects, but then look up and have none. They’d love to string those periods together a bit more. And they can. I’ve been a professional writer all of my career. I worked at newspapers for several years before […]

How to Use Craigslist to Get Writing Projects — Without Getting Stuck With A Low Rate

Craigslist is almost the last place you want to look for writing gigs. That is, unless you do it right. Most writers who try to use Craigslist to get business do so by scouring and responding to posts from people looking to hire freelancers. That’s most often an exercise in futility. You’d get more value […]

The No. 1 Reason You’re Not Making Money Writing

The top piece of advice I give to writing workshop attendees and others who want to know the secret to making money writing: Put your butt in the seat and write. Simple, right? Not at all. The top reason most writers don’t produce is that they simply don’t write. Or more specifically, they don’t finish […]