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10 Keys to Finding Your Dream Clients

When you’re running a freelance writing business, or actually any type of service business, you will get to a point where you want to be a bit more discerning in the type of clients you take on. Sure, when you’re just starting out, you might scramble to get any client who comes your way. But […]

5 Reasons Your Personal Story Matters to Your Clients and Customers

When you’re growing a small business, you’re looking for any way you can stand out and draw more people to you. But many people forget one very compelling way to attract clients. Their personal stories. Your personal story can help you attract your target clients, give you something in common with those you want to […]

8 Types of Content You Can Create to Help Your Business Grow

So you know you need to create content to grow your writing business. But what kind? Determining the right kind of content to create can help you reach your business growth goals. Good content can bring new customers and clients your way, as well as open the door to new opportunities as you become known […]

6 Reasons Content Creation Must Be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

You know by now that marketing your business is a must. If you don’t tell people you exist, they won’t know and they won’t come to you. It’s that simple. Yet marketing continues to be one of the business practices that too many solopreneurs and small business owners dread — or even avoid. They do […]

Connect Beat 101: Seven Ways to Make Your Next Networking Event Work for You

So you’ve pulled out your best — or, er, only — suit and spruced up for a networking event. You’ve avoided face-to-face networking for a while, as you can’t stand small talk and the idea of being in a room full of a bunch of strangers makes your eyes cross. Yet, here you are, at […]

Why Your Story Can Connect You With Those You Most Want to Reach

As writers, we are quite comfortable helping others with their stories. We help individuals, churches, nonprofits, businesses, governmental agencies, and others share their information and stories in a way that gets them noticed. But what about our own? Whether you weave stories for others to enjoy through novels and other fiction or you bang out […]

5 Poverty Traps of Good Writers

So you’re a good writer. That’s great. Is that earning you any money? Being able to write well and earning money from it are two entirely different things. It would be nice if fortune followed the talent or hard work, but alas. Fortune follows the smarts and execution. You can be a so-so writer who […]

5 Ways to Get Better Freelance Writing Clients

You don’t have to be the best writer to make a living writing, but you do have to get paid for what you do write. Even a great writer can starve, if she doesn’t know how to land paying work. Earning more money can be as simple as changing how you go about getting work. […]

Turn Any Book Into Multiple Income-Producing Products

Many authors write a book and expect an audience to find it. As a result, their sales are disappointing — most likely, dismal. You can’t think book writing is a Field of Dreams and all you have to do is build it and they will come. They won’t know it’s there. They won’t know what […]

Nobody Reading Your Work?

For as connected as we are today, thanks to social media and the Internet, feeling isolated is not an uncommon state of mind. Many people collect hundreds or thousands of friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter or members of circles on Google +. Yet they feel a bit alone. Especially when it comes to […]