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7 Productivity Tips for Writers Who Are Stuck

Producing a finished product is a struggle for many writers. They have lots of ideas, but not much to show for all the time they sit, think, and write. As someone who has ghostwritten or authored more than 30 books and written more than 1,000 articles, I know how important it is to be productive. […]

‘When I Learned to Treat My Writing Career as a Business, That’s When I Became More Productive’

Shelia Goss is an award-winning, bestselling author of more than a dozen books. She writes Christian fiction, suspense, women’s fiction, and young adult fiction. She discusses marketing and her approach to productivity. WL: You’ve had success in many ways as a writer — as a self-published author who landed book deals, as an author who […]

7 Remedies for ‘Oh, No! I’m on Deadline and Need a Source’

Every freelance writer has felt the thump thump of the heart as the deadline approached. Writing feverishly to get that piece finished and turned in on time is fine, but what if you can’t even get to the writing because you don’t have the source you need? That’s cause for palpitations. I responded to a […]

Grow Your Writing Career Through Your Relationships

Whether you are a freelance writer, marketer, author, or other person who writes words for impact and income, you’ll need to properly leverage relationships if you want your business to grow. Relationships provide access to opportunities. But leveraging relationships isn’t just about asking your friend to put in a good word for you. In fact, […]

3 Critical Tips to Help Protect Your Data and Ideas

Writers spend a lot of time creating. They’d hate to see those creations lost. Yet, data disappears every day. Many of us think getting an antivirus program running is enough. But it’s not. Here’s what you can do to prevent or minimize the risk of data loss. Get backup to the backup This is hugely […]

Write the Vision and Make It Plain

I absolutely believe in the power we have to create our own lives. Now, I’m not going to go into some weird explanation about manifestation and explaining that all we have to do is think something to make it reality. Although I do believe our thoughts create reality. Instead, I will  do something way simpler: […]

5 Ways to Beat Information Overload and Rescue Your Stalled Project

Ever get excited about starting a new writing project, only to end up … distracted, disappointed, and disgusted? Ah, yes. Information overload can stall the progress of even a favored project, if you’re not careful. But there are ways to combat information overload, get back on track, and move forward. I am quite goal-oriented and […]

3 Mistakes That Kill Your Productivity

I’ve had one of those weird, unproductive days that makes you want to forget it all and veg out in front of some mindless reality show. Eh. But I won’t. I’m slogging through it, determined to make something of these hours count. Productivity is a big deal when you run your own business and are […]

What I Learned From Writing More Than 30 Books

I tallied up my work this past week and realized I have authored or ghostwritten 34 books. I know I ghostwrite books for a living, but despite doing yearly revenue totals, I had not actually counted the number. But when I did, I realized just how productive I’ve been. And I’m really excited. I have […]

7 Habits of Highly Effective Writers

I felt almost like a good friend had died when I heard news Monday that acclaimed author Dr. Stephen R. Covey had passed away. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, touched millions of lives the world over with his bestselling fusion of business and self-help. He sold more than 20 million […]