Selling Your Book On Amazon: Advantage, Marketplace, CreateSpace, KDP


Amazon provides a great opportunity for self-published authors to sell their books on equal footing with traditionally published authors, but choosing how to do that can be a bit confusing.

A client had questions about the best Amazon option as she looked to plan her distribution and marketing for a book we had ghostwritten and designed for her. I realized what she needed to know was something many others need to know, also. Some people think that if they already have an Amazon account they use for buying books or selling their old stuff like the jewelry they no longer wear or the books they’ve already read, then they are good to go. But not necessarily. It depends on how you want to sell your books, including how involved you want to be in the process, and whether you have other products you also sell. Amazon Advantage and the Amazon Marketplace are the options most often considered.

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Want Paid Speaking Gigs? Write a Book

Books aren’t just for reading. They are for speaking. Paid speaking.

You see, a book establishes your authority and credibility like nothing else. Writing a blog is great, but it doesn’t have the same punch as a book. Tweeting is good, but it can’t compare to a book. Posting articles is all right, but nothing like having a book to your name.

All of these are great ways to create and distribute content, but when it comes to putting some heft to your name, a book stands alone as the best way to do that if you aspire to earn money speaking or sharing your expertise. That is because a book says, “This person knows what he/she is talking about.” Even though anybody who wants to can publish a book these days, thanks to technology, the value of authoring a book has not been watered down to reflect this. Adding a book to your name still means something.

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Why Your Business Needs a Book

Whether you’re a writer who runs a business or someone who runs a business but doesn’t write, your business needs a book. If you think a book is just a way to entertain or educate, think again. A book is a way to enter your name into the consciousness of your target audience. A book, in short, is a marketing tool.

Whether you’ve spent tons of dollars marketing your business or none at all, a book is a marketing tool that can surpass all others. I know this because I’ve seen it in my own writing career, as well as in the careers of clients we’ve helped to produce books.

This is what a book can do for you.

You become an expert

If you’re looking for a way to stand out in the minds of your customers and prospects, then a book helps you do that. You move from being just the service provider, to the one who wrote the book on your subject. Writing a book lets you share your expertise, perspective, and ideas in a way that sets you apart from your competition.

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5 Costly Ebook Mistakes to Avoid

Consider this little nugget from the Association of American Publishers: Ebooks accounted for $282 million in sales in the first three months of this year, compared to $230 million for printed books. That’s some serious cash. And as you can see, ebooks outpace printed books. Everybody is running to hop onto the ebook bandwagon. After all, it’s cheaper to publish an ebook than a printed book, and quicker, too. But before you hit publish, make sure you’re not making these expensive ebook mistakes that can cost you time, money, and readers.

Five E-Publishing Mistakes to Avoid

1. Going DIY. Do-it-yourself may work for painting your kid’s bedroom, but it doesn’t work for publishing. Sure, you can upload your ebook for free to lots of places, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but that doesn’t mean that’s all there is to it. Take the time to get the book professionally edited. Have a cover designed that captures the tone and feel of the book. Make sure the formatting is on point and professional. An improperly formatted ebook can distract and turn off your readers. Our company can help with this. Or you can do a Google search and find others.

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You Can Make Money Writing Books — If You Explore All the Options

When they think of writers, many people think of book authors. But writing books as a way to make a living is a lousy proposition for most people. It simply doesn’t happen. In fact, most traditionally published authors — those who land a book deal — don’t earn back their advances. Specifically, about seven out of ten books don’t earn back their advances. That means the authors never sell enough to make more money other than what the publisher initially paid them for the rights to publish their books.

And self-published authors don’t do any better. Most self-published authors sell fewer than 100 copies of their books.

That’s nowhere near what it takes to make a living writing books.

Yet, you can make a very good living writing books. You’ve just got to be smart about it.

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Self-Publishing Basics: How to Publish Your Own Book

When I self-published my first novel in 2002, the process was a lot different in one key way: Everything took a lot longer. I believe I sent my first print run off to the printer and didn’t get books in-hand for three months. Today, you can have books printed in as little as a few days if you need a rush.

Technology has helped make the process easier, but it can still be confusing and daunting. So if you are thinking about self-publishing a book or you want to refine your process, this post is just for you.

I’ve become an expert in publishing after ten years of doing it. I began by self-publishing my own novels, then when I landed a book deal, I began to seriously focus on helping others publish their books. The process does not have to be difficult, but you do need to know a few things to make sure you do it in the proper way.

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Top 10 Self-Publishing Mistakes Newbies Make

Technology has really changed publishing over the past 15 years, enabling anyone to self-publish a book. And ebook self-publishing has taken off since Amazon unveiled the first Kindle in 2007. In fact, ebook sales outpace printed book sales.

Self-publishing has produced some really wonderful success stories.  Many ebook self-publishers have found that the stories traditional publishers rejected are resonating with readers and are selling hundreds of thousands of copies.

Self-publishing ebooks has turned into book deals for some writers. So has self-publishing printed books. Actually, I got my own book writing career going through self-publishing. I self-pubbed my first novel in 2002, as well as my next one two years later. Then I landed a book deal. So I know what an amazing opportunity self-publishing provides.

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