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Connect Beat 101: 3 Quick Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile to Attract New Clients

Editor’s Note: Our Connect Beat 101 series provides tools, tips, and strategies for helping you connect with those you most want to reach, using social media, story, branding, and other tools. LinkedIn is the largest professional social media network, and what that means is that it can be a great place to prospect for new […]

Nobody Reading Your Work?

For as connected as we are today, thanks to social media and the Internet, feeling isolated is not an uncommon state of mind. Many people collect hundreds or thousands of friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter or members of circles on Google +. Yet they feel a bit alone. Especially when it comes to […]

Show Yourself Some Love and Renew Your Desire for Your Career

The funny thing about connecting online is that we think everyone else has it figured out. And so that idea dampens our own enthusiasm for what we are doing. Kind of bums us out. Makes us scared to move forward. Messes with our heads. But guess what: It’s an illusion. Nobody’s life is as perfect […]

5 Social Media Mistakes That Doom Your Chances of Getting Hired

Social media provides many opportunities to communicate with others, but if you make silly mistakes, you can send the wrong message that tanks your next deal, job, or promotion. Does your social media profile say you are professional, know what you’re doing, or are just the person to work with on a particular matter? Or […]

10 Essential Tips for Becoming An Effective Blogger

If you are a writer who doesn’t blog, then you need to start. Yeah, yeah, I know it feels like one more thing on your list. I get that. I resisted blogging for years. Who even reads blogs, I wondered? Turns out, lots of people. This Writer’s Living blog is not even a year old, […]

Social Networks Presence Is Good, But Owning Your Platform Is Better

Every writer now has the opportunity to gain an audience far beyond her family, friends, and coworkers. As a writer, you have the potential to have your work read all over the world. You can expand your reach. Social media has made that possible. A writer no longer has to hope for the gods of […]

What Kind of Social Media User Are You?

There are three distinct groups when it comes to social media: 1. All-ins. Those who are all ready for it and absolutely love it. They get it. They embrace it. They have turned their businesses upside or around to fully engage in social media. 2. Eh, one other thing. The eh, one other thing crew […]

6 Ways to Manage Your Social Media Presence As A Writer

We recently discussed ways to market your work using social networks. Today, we’ll talk about how to actually manage your social media presence. You can spend so much time marketing your work, that you have no time left for anything else. So managing your social media presence is critical. Six ways to manage your social […]

7 Tips for Marketing Your Books and Writing Using Social Networks

So you’ve gotten your book published and you’re ready to hop onto your social networks to tell everyone to buy it. Right? Wrong. Social networks have to be a part of the arsenal of any writer who wants to get the word out today. But social networking can be confusing, daunting, and overwhelming. And if […]

19 Reasons Writers Need An Email Marketing System

Writers sometimes don’t like to deal with technology and can be slow to change the way they operate. But if you’re a writer or author with serious aspirations of sharing your work with a lot of people through a mailing list, then you really have to change at least one thing: Get a professional email […]