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How to Bring New Money Into Your Freelance Writing Business

The proverbial feast or famine can strike anytime in a writing business when you’re not paying attention. Or for some writers, it may feel like famine and still more famine. Whatever the case, if you’ve hit a patch where money is running low and no new infusion of cash is on the horizon, you can […]

10 Bad Freelance Business Practices to Leave Behind

I recently spoke with a woman who had received a request from someone wanting to do business with her. She wasn’t sure of how much to charge. Her initial thought when we talked was to charge a really low rate — about half of what others in her industry charge for the same type of […]

The Secret to Earning More — When Other Writers Are Getting Fired

Making a living as a writer has in some ways become more difficult today. But it’s also become easier. Here is what I mean. Publishing houses are doling out smaller and smaller advances. Newspapers are cutting staffs down to anemic levels. Publications are asking writers to contribute for free. All of these are current examples […]

5 Ways to Boost Your Writing Business at the End of the Year

The end of the year can be a slow one for many writers, as clients are distracted by end-of-the-year demands and the holidays. Couple this distraction with a desire by some clients to shut down spending so they don’t run out of cash by the end of the year, and you can have a pretty […]

Price vs Value: How to Set a Rate That Earns You More Money

Pricing is always a big question when it comes to writing for a living. Do you write for free to build a portfolio? Do you set a high rate and post it to your website so visitors can pre-qualify themselves and any who can’t afford the high rate automatically go away, never to bother you […]

Ready to Get Away From Low-Paying Writing Assignments?

The reality is that the reality is never the fantasy. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a kid. I dreamed that I would write in a rickety, old frame house and do my best to put peanut butter and tuna on the table for two kids. I’d bang out great pieces on […]

How to Price Your Freelance Writing Work

Many freelance writers have questions about pricing their services. They wonder if they are too high or too low or even what the norm is for a particular type of writing. Pricing isn’t an easy question, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. You must consider a few elements to come up with the right […]

5 Ways to Get Repeat Business From Your Clients

So you’ve landed the project. Yay! You do the work, get paid. And then … nothing. You don’t hear from the client again. If this sounds familiar, then you can increase your client retention rate by tweaking your business processes. It might not be that the client isn’t interested in working work with you again. […]

21 Days to Making More From Your Writing

This year has been an amazing year for Writer’s Living. In fact, this month marks the first anniversary of this blog! Writer’s Living started in December 2011 with another name, as my original intent was to combine two things I love: the business of writing with thoughtful commentary on life and pop culture. After a […]

How to Use Your Blog to Get Clients

A blog can be the foundation of your marketing strategy for your business. A blog can showcase your work, highlight your expertise, and connect you to your audience. If you are an author, freelance writer, or other content creator, then a blog is essential. For the longest, I resisted the idea of adding a blog […]