4 Reasons Why You Still Need a Printed Book, Even if You Have An Ebook


I self-published my first book way back in 2002, when ebooks weren’t an option and printing on your own wasn’t cheap. I eventually landed a book deal but never left my self-publishing roots, as I decided to continue to self-publish, even with a book deal. Today, as I prepare for the release of my next nonfiction book, Connect and Conquer: Grow Your Business, Organization, and Career Through Online and Offline Relationships, I’m faced with deciding whether to go ebook only. In fact, I’m sooo tempted to go ebook only, and had decided to do just that. After all, everybody is reading ebooks these days, right?


As I considered more and more whether to go ebook only, I realized it’s not as simple as deciding to ditch the print version.

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How Long Should Your Ebook Be?

I received this question after a post last week titled, 5 Costly Ebook Mistakes to Avoid. One of the mistakes we mentioned was making your ebook too long.

This post answers the question about ebook length.

But alas, it’s not as easy as saying, “Make your ebook 100 pages.”

The answer to the question, “How long should my ebook be?” depends on why you’re writing the ebook and for whom.

Decide why you’re writing the ebook

If you are writing your ebook to use as a sales promotion or giveaway on your website, then 5-20 pages is a good length. If you are writing it to sell, then 30-120 pages are ideal for a nonfiction ebook, depending on how much information you are sharing. If it’s a sales promotion you are using on your website, for instance, then you may be sharing information in a general way. The aim there may be to introduce readers to the subject. So the length should be shorter.

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5 Costly Ebook Mistakes to Avoid

Consider this little nugget from the Association of American Publishers: Ebooks accounted for $282 million in sales in the first three months of this year, compared to $230 million for printed books. That’s some serious cash. And as you can see, ebooks outpace printed books. Everybody is running to hop onto the ebook bandwagon. After all, it’s cheaper to publish an ebook than a printed book, and quicker, too. But before you hit publish, make sure you’re not making these expensive ebook mistakes that can cost you time, money, and readers.

Five E-Publishing Mistakes to Avoid

1. Going DIY. Do-it-yourself may work for painting your kid’s bedroom, but it doesn’t work for publishing. Sure, you can upload your ebook for free to lots of places, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but that doesn’t mean that’s all there is to it. Take the time to get the book professionally edited. Have a cover designed that captures the tone and feel of the book. Make sure the formatting is on point and professional. An improperly formatted ebook can distract and turn off your readers. Our company can help with this. Or you can do a Google search and find others.

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