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A Publisher Is Offering You a Book Deal — Now What?

A client in our book ghostwriting business recently called to tell me a publisher was interested in offering him a book deal. Of course I’m always happy when clients see success with projects we’ve helped them create, and this time was no different. We talked about the merits of accepting a book deal, which got […]

5 Questions to Ask If You Want to Turn Your Life Story Into a Book and Business

Every one of us has a story to tell. But not to sell. Selling your story requires a few additional considerations, aside from simply wanting to tell it. Selling your story means finding that message, meaning, or lesson that can be drawn from it to inform, inspire, and educate others, often causing them to respond […]

Turn Any Book Into Multiple Income-Producing Products

Many authors write a book and expect an audience to find it. As a result, their sales are disappointing — most likely, dismal. You can’t think book writing is a Field of Dreams and all you have to do is build it and they will come. They won’t know it’s there. They won’t know what […]

10 Ways to Generate Buzz and Market Your Business

I wrote a post the other day about the best way to market your book, writing career, or business. I said the best way to market your work is the way you will actually use. The thing you will actually do. It doesn’t matter if others give you a ton of other ideas for things […]

Book Marketing Strategies That Work

If you publish a book, there is a pretty good chance that you want to sell it. Better yet, you want to sell lots of copies of it. Yet, most books don’t sell. That includes traditionally published books, where seven out of ten don’t earn back their advances — meaning the books don’t sell enough […]

The One Thing You Can Do to Become a Successful Author — Now

News of the potential merger of Random House and Penguin — likely reducing the number of publishers vying for authors’ works — is enough to send authors into hand-wringing depression as they bemoan the tightening industry that has already seen smaller book deals. But this merger doesn’t have to mean bad news for authors. If […]

How Bad Writing Helps You Get Better

The woman was there to bury her sister and her niece, who had been murdered by the husband. Lives cut short, so short. And then she had to deal with me, a young reporter who had telephoned to do an interview about this news event for a story to run in the paper the next […]

You Can Make Money From Your Book — Without Selling a Single Copy

You don’t have to sell a million copies of your book — or even a single one — to make money from it. You see, a book is much more than a single product to be read. A book has become the new business card. It is a tool you can use to generate leads, […]

What I Learned From Writing More Than 30 Books

I tallied up my work this past week and realized I have authored or ghostwritten 34 books. I know I ghostwrite books for a living, but despite doing yearly revenue totals, I had not actually counted the number. But when I did, I realized just how productive I’ve been. And I’m really excited. I have […]